The 2018 F.S.R.A. / Lane Building Services

F350 / Post Classic / Pre-Injection Championship

Round 7 - Cadwell Park Sidecar Bash - Auto 66 Club

Saturday 27th & Sunday 28th October

Words - Dave Tibbles

Photographs - Dirk Wharton

Apologies for the slight delay with this report - slowly drying out (not my drink problems on this occasion - but all the kit clothing and bike etc.)! Well done to the brave that experienced Cadwell’s micro-climate of: rain; snow; sleet; wind – and - more rain! With such adverse weather conditions affecting both days of racing only one race each day could be held. But the good old British spirit and lunacy kept us all going with high levels of morale.

The experience of attempting to cross the various puddles and lakes on the Cadwell track with what may as well have been "three wheeled surf boards" has created memories that will never be forgotten. The F.S.R.A. / Lane Building Services Pre-Injection class was the best supported event at the Auto 66 Sidecar Bash, initially having seventeen teams entered and once again warranting our own exclusive grid.

It was great to see (following almost two years away) the return of Rob Fisher / Rick Long (600 Baker Yamaha). Ever the gentlemen, the pair opted not to take any points or trophies in order to avoid any upsets in the championship at this our final round. However, despite their absence, Rob and Rick have lost none of their pace or finesse as they powered to the front in qualifying, and were not headed to the chequered flag in Saturday's race one - well done, and hope to see you back regularly in 2019.

Congratulations to John Shipley / Milo Ward (1000 Ireson Yamaha), although they suffered a "DNF" in the first race, a win in the second was enough to seal the 2018 championship. Two solid finishes for Simon Horton / Adam Buxton (1100 Wintec Suzuki) allowed them to claim second place in the championship, bouncing back from a weekend to forget at East Fortune. Brothers John and Doug Chandler (600 Ireson Yamaha) took two podium finishes to claim third place in the final standings.

Race one was red flagged and the result declared after three laps, due to the aforementioned weather conditions. By this time many teams had retired - either through a lack of adhesion or electrical faults, ending up being parked all-round the course - some in areas which (especially given the poor visibility) were precarious. With the rain worsening, the very sensible decision was taken by the club to abandon the rest of the day's track activities to allow teams and marshals a chance to dry out in readiness for the following day, when hopefully conditions might be (slightly) improved.

Rob and Rick were declared the winners but their sporting generosity allowed the father and son team of Jody and Reece Sims (600 Derbyshire FZR Yamaha) to claim maximum points. The Chandlers were second, and an excellent ride on his dad's Windle TZ 350 Yamaha saw Billy Pearson and Rob Child take the final podium place. Aquaplaning in behind them were Simon Horton / Adam Buxton; Mark Burns / Steve Winfrow (900 Baker Honda); Dave Tibbles / Raitch Greenwood (1100 DDR FJ Yamaha). Travelling all the way from Scotland, newcomers to the championship and to Cadwell, Stuart Mayhew / Alan Taylor (600 Honda); Wes Pettman / Sue Taylor (600 Windle Yamaha) and Alan Longshore / Amanda Mason (600 Ireson Yamaha) completed the finishing order.

Race two came around on Sunday afternoon following quite a lengthy delay while all medical resources were being employed following a two bike incident in the opening classic sidecar race. While it looked for a time that the weather was improving, by the time the track went live again, yet another weather front had come in, and once again there were wet, conditions to greet the Pre-Injection teams. As the outfits were sent to the grid the rain worsened, so much so that the teams were shown the red flag on the sighting lap and returned to the paddock.

The race did eventually take place, and went the full distance of eight laps. Unfortunately there were only seven finishers due to a combination of track conditions and mechanical issues. John Shipley / Milo Ward were back to their usual place at the front of the field, taking the win with Horton second, followed by the Chandlers. Billy Pearson / Rob Childs had been running in a very strong second place until their machine sadly expired at three quarter distance, proving the rain is a great leveller for the TZ350 outfits, reminiscent of some of the halcyon days of F2 sidecar racing. Following the top three home were: Dave Tibbles / Raitch Greenwood; Hayley Capewell / Helen Deeley (600 Windle Yamaha); Stuart Mayhew / Alan Taylor and Wes Pettman / Sue Taylor.

A big thank you to our sponsors Adrian Lane Building Services and Pagid Brakes, and to the F.S.R.A. committee for their support.