The 2020 / 21 F.S.R.A. Committee Contact Details

Any questions or queries may be channelled to the relevant committee member via the contact numbers / emails below. General queries can also be directed through the F.S.R.A. Facebook Page.

As Covid-19 has thus far prevented an A.G.M. at the end of the 2020 season, the committee have agreed to continue in their positions until this event can practically take place. At the A.G.M., each committee member stands down, and can stand to be re-elected. Any F.S.R.A. member may also stand for any role on the committee at the A.G.M.

At the present time, the role of "Magazine Editor" is currently vacant, and the committee are actively seeking an individual to take on this position. Assistance will be given to anyone who is willing to take on the role, which consists mainly of editing and formatting material (there is no compulsion to write content), and final printing and distribution is dealt with by an external firm - therefore this is not as daunting a position as it may sound! Please get in touch with the F.S.R.A. Secretary, Pat Hamblin if you would like more information about this.